Why join the ASCP?

The ASCP is the peak organisation to maintain and represent Compounding pharmacies and pharmacists.

Becoming a member of ASCP will provide you access to industry updates, access to resources and to be a part of ensuring the Compounding Pharmacy industry is maintained. The ASCP aims to represent Compounding Pharmacists to media, government, industry and regulatory bodies.

The ASCP’s vision is to ensure the longevity of the industry and maintain a united voice for all quality compounding pharmacies and pharmacists.

ASCP encourages stakeholders from Compounding Pharmacies across the country to register their interest. If you are a Compounding Pharmacist, Compounding Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy student, Academic or other health professional, please complete the form.

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We have two plans: Individual Pharmacist Plan (annual fee $AUD 650) or Pharmacy Plan (annual fee is $AUD 2000).