why was the ascp formed?

The ASCP was formed to:

Provide Australian Compounders with the premium go to advisory group for all compounding industry related matters

  • Encourage regulators throughout Australia to clarify the current guidelines and assist in the development of the future regulatory framework

  • Work with pharmacy educators to facilitate the development of accredited compounding training and ongoing continuous education

  • Create a comprehensive platform for the exchange of knowledge and information for Australian compounding pharmacists

what are the objectives of the ASCP?

  • To promote good compounding practices in the interest of public health and safety

  • To represent the interests of the pharmacy compounding industry in Australia

what is the ASCP’s vision?

The ASCP’s vision is to ensure the longevity of the industry and maintain a united voice for all quality compounding pharmacies and pharmacists.


why should i join the ASCP?

The ASCP is the peak organisation to maintain and represent Compounding pharmacies and pharmacists.

Becoming a member of ASCP will provide you access to industry updates, access to resources and to be a part of ensuring the Compounding Pharmacy industry is maintained. The ASCP aims to represent Compounding Pharmacists to media, government, industry and regulatory bodies.